Minute In The Word

A Sip Of Hope For The Weary

  Are you overwhelmed and exhausted…even before the day begins? Some of our weariness comes from carrying a weight that we were never intended… Read More

A Voice Behind You

  I have never heard the audible voice of God. But I have recognized His leading in my life more times than I can… Read More

Freedom From Fear

What are you afraid of? The list may be long, but is there a core fear? Rejection? Loneliness? Failure? When I’m fearful, it… Read More

Be Still

Why is it so difficult to be still? It sounds like it should be easy. But speaking from personal experience, it isn’t.  “The… Read More

God Can Use You

 Have you noticed how many times God used the most unlikely people?  He called a stutterer to be His spokesperson.  He used a… Read More

God Hears Your Cries

God hears you when you cry.  Pain can sometimes convince us that we are alone, and that God doesn’t care.  Neither are true. Read More