Minute In The Word

Is Your Joy Full?

I got really honest with God a few weeks ago and admitted what he already knew: That my joy was depleted, and I… Read More

Favor In The Eyes Of The Lord

 We can’t earn God’s love. It is freely given. And always undeserved. But our actions can either please or displease God’s heart. “…God’s… Read More

I See Jesus In You

When you encounter Jesus, you will never be the same.  Your heart changes.  The direction of your life is different.  The story of… Read More

The Wave Walker Is Near

 Have you ever gone back to visit your elementary school?  What seemed huge to you then, seems a lot smaller now….the desks, the… Read More

Walk In His Light

  I’ve heard it said, “The darker the night, the brighter the light.”  That’s a clever saying until you’re the one walking in the… Read More

God Sees You  

 Have you ever been tempted to think that God has a blind spot….and you’re in it?  Has God forgotten or overlooked you?  No. Read More