Minute In The Word

This is GOOD!

 You don’t have to look very far or hard to see “bad” things. Sometimes it is the first thing we see as we… Read More

Why You’re Here

 Have you ever considered why you’re here?  Why, of all the places around the world that you could be, God has you right… Read More

A Cry For Help

What has God saved you from? Think about the trajectory of your life before Jesus.Where would you be today without Him?“In my distress I… Read More

More Of You, Less Of Me

 Old pictures tell a story. So do new ones.  I bet you can easily spot the “then/now” differences…hairstyle, clothes worn, wrinkles. Read More

Squeezed Strength

When you’re squeezed, what comes out?  I’ve heard it said that difficulties reveal the true colors and character of a person.  It can… Read More