Minute In The Word

Guard Your Heart

I’ve noticed something about my heart.  It can be like a grocery cart with one bad wheel…it tends to veer. Toward fear. Worry. Read More

Why Pray? 

Why pray? Does your mind ever come up with questions like:  “Why should I pray?…God already knows what He’s going to do.”  Or,… Read More

God Gives Wisdom

 I was talking with a business leader last week who was facing a “no win” situation. When I asked what she was going… Read More

He Loves The Wanderer

  I’m guilty of it too. Wandering. Drifting away from God at times. If you feel like there’s some space or distance between you… Read More

You Are Surrounded

 What if God does more than keep a “watchful eye” over you?“You hem me in, behind and before; you have laid your hand… Read More