Minute In The Word

Darkness Into Light

Unexpected news.  Disappointing outcomes. Anxious thoughts.  If you can relate, this reminder is for you:“The Lord turns my darkness into light…His way is… Read More

A Bold, Gentle Faith

 The people in my life who have shaped me the most are those that love Jesus passionately and love me patiently.  “Always be prepared… Read More

Just Look Up

I don’t look up enough.  It occurred to me that I look at my phone.  I look to other people. I look in… Read More

God. Is. Close.

 I have felt a million miles away from God before.  I’ve looked at someone’s life and thought, “It would take a miracle for… Read More

Need Wisdom? 

  I know a lot of smart people.  But I’ve found that knowledge is not the same as wisdom. Information does not equal insight.“If… Read More