Minute In The Word

It Is Good

 Do you know that God has already begun a really good work in you? And that He is faithful to bring it to… Read More

Even If

Life is not always like a Hallmark movie. Is it? What do you do when the story of life unfolds in a way… Read More

There Is Hope

God knows that we face battles every day.  And He has given us everything we need to fight and stand strong. “Put on… Read More


Several years ago, I convinced myself that I didn’t need to forgive someone who had hurt me.  I thought, “God only forgives those… Read More


 There’s being tired…..and then there’s being weary.  The cure for being tired is sleep.  What is the cure for being weary?   “He gives… Read More

You Can Trust Him

  If you’re facing some daunting situations in your life, may these questions be reminders to you today. Does God’s strength have limits?  Is… Read More


Words just won’t do. Have you ever been in the place where you don’t know what to pray?  Or you’re not even sure… Read More

He, Alone.

Don’t let your sight limit your faith. God’s power is always greater. “I saw a great number of bones on the floor of… Read More

Keep Doing Good

 It is easier not to. Do good. But what good does that do? “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at… Read More

The Evidence

God wants to work in your life so that when other people look at you, they see evidence of His love. “The fruit… Read More

He Will Be Found

 Does it ever feel like God is playing “hide and seek” with you? That may be what our emotions are feeling. But here… Read More