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Easter Kids

You know the story of Easter. The betrayal and arrest of Jesus. The brutal crucifixion. And ultimately, the resurrection.

It’s a lot to wrap your brain around. And that’s as an adult! Just imagine what a kid thinks of the whole thing. Actually...don’t imagine...ask them!

Check out the list of questions below to ask your kids about Easter. Then record and post their 100% off the cuff, unfiltered, unedited responses on our facebook page. Be sure to use the hashtag #JOYFMEasterKids.

The best clips will be put together for a special telling of the Easter story, shared by JOY FM on Good Friday. Let your kids tell the most powerful story of all time. No coaching. No filters. Just kids being kids. The laughs. The insight. All of it.

Help St. Louis experience Easter through the eyes of a child.

  • Why do we celebrate Easter?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why were people mean to Jesus?
  • What did they do to Jesus once he was arrested?
  • What do we call the meal Jesus and his followers had before he was arrested?
  • How many days did it take for Jesus to rise from the dead?
  • What did people think/say/do when they found out Jesus was alive?

You could win these prizes:

  • ​1 Dozen ​designer cookies from Sweetology
  • 4 MercyMe tix
  • 1 autographed MercyMe CD
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