Minute In The Word

Perfect Peace

 If you wrestle with anxiety or stress, then you know how elusive peace can seem.  Our minds can so… Read More

Pain Has A Lot To Teach Us

 Painful. Long-lasting. Unfair. Those are some words that I use to describe suffering. Without fail, one other word invades my thoughts every time… Read More

I Trust One Name

 Some things change every four years.  Or eight.  Or every second.  Time is constantly changing, and it feels like our world is as… Read More

Pray Anyway

Pray anyway.  Whether you have doubt, or not.  Whether you can imagine your situation changing, or not. Whether God responds the way you… Read More

Trust Him Anyway

 More times than I can count, God has invited me into a way that is different than my own.  I have one idea. … Read More