Minute In The Word

If We, Then He

 What kind of grade will we get?  With school starting next month (in one way or another), I’ve been thinking about grades.  … Read More


 If life is feeling unsettled and a bit crazy……Here is a good reminder:“The world is firmly established; it cannot be moved. … Read More

Surrender Is Costly

We may never say it out loud, but we come pretty close to thinking something like this:  “God owes me.”  We feel like… Read More

NOT Your Battle

 How could David stand so confidently in front of the giant, when he hadn’t read the David and Goliath story?  We KNOW how… Read More

God Speaks

 One of the most powerful things you can do for someone who doesn’t know Jesus is to pray for them.  Pray that God… Read More

Cry. Eat. Worship.

 What should you do if you feel bitter?  Cry.  Eat.  Pray.   That may not sound very spiritual.  But, we all know that… Read More

God Is Able

 Do you feel outnumbered?  By fears, problems, stresses, etc?  If so, this story is for you today.  Gideon loved God.  His army was… Read More

Do You See It?

 What does God see when He looks at you?  I’m quite sure that He sees more than you do!God to Gideon: … Read More