Minute In The Word

Worry Is A Thief

We all know that worry isn’t a healthy pastime. But do you know that worry is a thief? Not just of your time and your… Read More

Letting Go? Letting God.

 Letting go is so difficult.  A dream, a desire, a passion, a relationship…..letting go of anything you love is so painful.  It can… Read More

Close To His Heart

 My husband tells the story of when he was a little boy playing basketball.  He finally got the ball, ran it down the… Read More

A Prayer For Joy

If I could give you a blessing or say a prayer for you today, this would be it:“Let all who take… Read More

Where Is God?

When have you grown the most in your relationship with God? I actually looked back on my life and made a chart of… Read More

Press Pause

 What do you do when you don’t know what to do?  I usually have a good cry.  Call a friend.  Or go into… Read More

You Are The One

 You are the ONE that God loves.  It is easy to think of ourselves as insignificant or invisible to God.  But Jesus was… Read More

He’s On The Lookout

God isn’t stingy.  We “know” that.  But, at times, I think we’re tempted to picture God as one who withholds or limits His… Read More