Minute In The Word

God Speaks

 One of the most powerful things you can do for someone who doesn’t know Jesus is to pray for them.  Pray that God… Read More

Cry. Eat. Worship.

 What should you do if you feel bitter?  Cry.  Eat.  Pray.   That may not sound very spiritual.  But, we all know that… Read More

God Is Able

 Do you feel outnumbered?  By fears, problems, stresses, etc?  If so, this story is for you today.  Gideon loved God.  His army was… Read More

Do You See It?

 What does God see when He looks at you?  I’m quite sure that He sees more than you do!God to Gideon: … Read More

As For Me & My House

  The next time you’re over to my house, you’ll notice this verse on our fireplace mantel:“As for me and my house,… Read More

It Was The Lord

How many battles has God fought for us that we are completely unaware of?  I think heaven will full of “ah ha” moments… Read More


 There has to be a step of faith and obedience before the breakthrough.  Have you noticed how many times that’s true in scripture? … Read More

We Need A Savior

I need a doctor.  And you do too!  I pray that we never forget that!“Jesus was having dinner with many tax… Read More

It Starts With His Word

There’s nothing better than seeing someone surrender their life to Christ.  And there’s nothing more painful than seeing someone who was once strong… Read More


“You shouldn’t wear that pink shirt. It clashes with your hair.” I can still remember who said that to me in 5th grade. That’s why… Read More