Minute In The Word

Unfinished. But Good.

 Do you know that God has already begun a really good work in you?  He isn’t finished. But He continues to form you… Read More

God Will Make A Way

God is not predictable. But He is faithful. “…All that night, the Lord drove the sea back…and turned it into dry land…and the… Read More

He Will Fight For You

 It feels like there is no way out. The situation looks hopeless. Fear and “what if’s” are wrecking your mind. Have you been… Read More

Fear and Joy?

Fear can be sticky. Relentless and slow to leave. But it doesn’t have to rob you of joy. “The women…were afraid yet filled… Read More

Jesus Understands Your Pain

  Do you feel overwhelmed? Uncertain about the future? Exhausted and alone? “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death…” Matthew… Read More