Minute In The Word

God Is For Us

The “what if” game.  Do you ever play it? It is where every possible negative “what if” scenario runs through your mind and… Read More

No More

 I forget things.  Where did I put my keys? Did I lock the door? What was his name?  And I wish I could… Read More

He Is The Way Maker

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that God isn’t working.  He is. Always.  “I am making a way in the desert and… Read More

Forever Tethered

When we adopted our youngest son, the judge asked if we understood the gravity of our decision.  He said, “Are you willing to… Read More

Sidewalk Chalk Truth

 I was going through a tough time and a neighbor, unbeknownst to me, wrote a scripture on my driveway.  Here is what I… Read More

Perfect Peace

 If you wrestle with anxiety or stress, then you know how elusive peace can seem.  Our minds can so… Read More

Pain Has A Lot To Teach Us

 Painful. Long-lasting. Unfair. Those are some words that I use to describe suffering. Without fail, one other word invades my thoughts every time… Read More

I Trust One Name

 Some things change every four years.  Or eight.  Or every second.  Time is constantly changing, and it feels like our world is as… Read More