Minute In The Word

Worry Is A Thief

We all know that worry isn’t a healthy pastime. But do you know that worry is a thief? Not just of your time and your… Read More

Letting Go? Letting God.

 Letting go is so difficult.  A dream, a desire, a passion, a relationship…..letting go of anything you love is so painful.  It can… Read More

Close To His Heart

 My husband tells the story of when he was a little boy playing basketball.  He finally got the ball, ran it down the… Read More

A Prayer For Joy

If I could give you a blessing or say a prayer for you today, this would be it:“Let all who take… Read More

Where Is God?

When have you grown the most in your relationship with God? I actually looked back on my life and made a chart of… Read More

Press Pause

 What do you do when you don’t know what to do?  I usually have a good cry.  Call a friend.  Or go into… Read More