Minute In The Word

Unexpected Blessing

  I wrestle with this passage from the Bible.  And I think it is because I don’t fully understand or appreciate what it means… Read More

Shine In The Dark!

I am drawn to people who have a fierce passion for God and walk out their faith with transparent humility.  They love well. Read More

Clap Back To Fear

 Fear is illogical. But it is also real. My mind knows that God is with me. Fear says that He is a million… Read More

We Must

 “Love” is a strong word.  So is “must.” It doesn’t leave any wiggle room.  “Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” 1 John… Read More

God Has A Plan

 God’s best work is not in the past. Are you ever tempted to think that God isn’t really “up to much” these days? … Read More