Minute In The Word

Is Fear A Friend?

Oh that four letter word FEAR.  Zach Williams sings about it being a liar.  We make light of it in songs about our… Read More

God Sees Your Tears

 We were serving on a mission trip when our friends received word that their first grandchild was born. Their granddaughter was early, healthy… Read More

I Will…

It was a “lightbulb” moment for me recently. God showed me that I need to be a better “leader” of myself. Obviously, God leads our… Read More

I Will Dance

He stood at the back of the Guatemalan church that we were visiting. But he could only stand with the help of crutches because his… Read More

You Have a New Name

My senior in High School, I changed the spelling of my name from Sandy to Sandi. (Since my legal name was Sandra, it was no… Read More

What is God saying?

How do you know when it is God’s voice or the pizza you ate for dinner? That is a core question for every believer. How… Read More

It’s His Way

 There’s MY way and then there’s GOD’S way.  What I’m learning is that He is always more fond of His way… Read More

You Can’t Do It Alone

 You can’t do it alone!  It doesn’t matter what the “it” is.  God made you for trusting relationships; with Him and… Read More

Fear Is A Liar

 Have you noticed that fear always has an answer?   One of my kids is late getting home and the first thought… Read More


 It is unsettling to be awakened at 3am in a foreign country because the hotel is swaying, creaking and shaking.  Have… Read More