Minute In The Word

The Wave Walker Is Near

  Have you ever gone back to visit your elementary school?  What seemed huge to you then seems a lot smaller now….the desks, the… Read More

Need A Pep Talk?

 I talk to myself.  Don’t judge me!  At least I don’t talk back.  😊   But sometimes, I do… Read More

God Offers New Life

 I was fortunate to grow up with several people of faith in my family:  my mom and grandparents, especially.  So, I loved the… Read More

He Will

 Whenever problems tend to mount up and I start to feel overwhelmed, the 91st Psalm is one place I… Read More

Be Still & Know

 God can speak something profound in a few simple words.  “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10  What a “Dad”… Read More

Do You Want To See Jesus?

You may feel like you are “on the outside looking in” with Jesus.  Perhaps you’re keeping Him at arm’s length.  Or, you’re curious… Read More