Minute In The Word

The God Who Sees You

Do you struggle with feeling insignificant? Unimportant?  “You are the God who sees me…I have now seen the One who sees me.”… Read More

Worry Is A Thief

 Worry is a thief. Not just of our time and our joy. Worry can dull our hearts to God and to His Word. Read More

Why Are You Troubled?

 God “gets” you. He even understands your doubts and anxious thoughts. One of the first things Jesus did after He rose from the… Read More

God Keeps His Promises

 Life isn’t fair. It seems like it should be, but sometimes life experiences prove otherwise. This broken world is full of injustice, pain… Read More

Do You Need Wisdom?

Do you need wisdom? Some days I made wise choices. And other days…not so much. If you can relate, this is for you:… Read More


 There are friends. Then there are my SOS friends. When I feel like I’m about to go under, I can simply text “SOS”… Read More

Radiate Joy

True joy is contagious. I’ve experienced it. Several years ago, I met a family that lived in the Philippines.  They invited me into… Read More

Release & Embrace

Oh, that pesky four-letter word. FEAR. If worry were an Olympic sport, I’d be winning gold!  “Do not be anxious about anything, but… Read More

God Is With You

A few years ago I was sharing with my daughter about a struggle I was navigating through. It felt like an intense spiritual… Read More

It Is Good

 Do you know that God has already begun a really good work in you? And that He is faithful to bring it to… Read More

Even If

Life is not always like a Hallmark movie. Is it? What do you do when the story of life unfolds in a way… Read More