Minute In The Word

We Need Each Other

You can’t do it alone! It doesn’t matter what the “it” is. God made you for relationships. With Him. And with others. It feels “needy”… Read More

Focus on Him

How do you see yourself? We all know that it isn’t good to think too highly of yourself. But we don’t hear much about the… Read More

God Will

Has God ever stepped into your desperation and completely worked it out for good? Can you imagine how fearful His people were when they were… Read More


God does not need my help! I am constantly reminding myself of this! When I can’t see a way out or through….. God has a… Read More

Trust & Surrender

When did your faith become your own? I’ve seen in my life and my kids lives. The wrestle and discovery of making your faith your… Read More

Thank You

I’m so thankful that God was working in my life way before I recognized it or knew Him. Remember the story of Moses found in… Read More

Trust God

Have you ever been tempted to question God? I have. You look at your life and it seems unfair or God seems unresponsive. Whenever I… Read More

He Won’t Let Go

I have 2 sons. They’re not little anymore but they love to wrestle with each other and with their dad. I just shake my head. Read More


What looks like “trust” to you, may look like “crazy” to someone else. Let’s just admit it! But God is worth trusting. So when He… Read More


If I’m going out on a limb, I’m not going out alone! That’s one of my favorite sayings as I contemplate making a decision. I… Read More


I was talking with a friend last week about being content. There’s no greater sense of peace and rest than being right with God. It… Read More