Minute In The Word


Why does God allow suffering? Why would a good God allow bad things to happen? Maybe you’ve had those thoughts as well? I don’t have… Read More

That’s Faith

The hard part of having faith is that it requires trust when you can’t see. And I like to see it before I believe it!… Read More

Faith On Display

Before an unbeliever will listen to what you say, they watch how you live. Especially how you navigate being “squeezed” by the tough stuff of… Read More


Unstoppable. God cannot be thwarted, slowed down, derailed, or stopped. That truth is not changed by our circumstances or the world around us. “…If it… Read More

I will hope

An area that I’m trying to grow in is to be a better leader……of myself. I want to lead my thoughts and my actions in… Read More

Worth the Waiting

Am I the only one who feels like God is a “slow poke?” If He can do ANYTHING at ANYTIME….then why does He make us… Read More

I’m Sorry

I don’t like to say, “I’m sorry.” It requires humility and an acknowledgment of doing wrong. But here’s the thing. I have never regretted saying,… Read More

Lavish Love

I’ll never forget the day that our son Miguel’s adoption was made legal in our state. We stood before the judge when he said, “Do… Read More