Minute In The Word


I admire people who routinely bite their tongues. Those who don’t have to defend their position or fight to be right. I admire people who… Read More

His Time. His Plan.

You are not an afterthought to God. Just as God carefully, deliberately, intentionally orchestrated all of Creation…..He has designs and plans for you as well. Read More

Be Joyful

Some of the most hopeful, joyful people I’ve ever met are in the most seemingly hopeless situations. Have you met people like that? Their joy… Read More

Just Be

I’m a “fixer.” I like to fix things….problems….yours, mine….I need to feel like I’m fixing things. You know what? That can create more problems! If… Read More


“Where did you go to school?” In St. Louis, we all know the question behind the question. But the truth is, we’re all being “schooled”… Read More

Jesus is Lord

Are you saved? I’m not asking so that I can judge you. I simply remember when I had a lot of doubt surrounding that question… Read More

You Are Loved

If we’re honest, most of us have this gnawing feeling that God just isn’t that into us….that He’s obligated to love us because He loves… Read More


You’re probably facing things TODAY that you could have never imagined 2 months ago. This world seemed to get really big and scary instantly, didn’t… Read More

He Is For You

As a redheaded, freckled face little kid, I was kidded a lot. But, I had a secret weapon….my older brother. The same boys that would… Read More

In His Time. In His Way.

God is working good in your life today. That’s not just wishful thinking. You have His Word on it! “In ALL things, God works for… Read More