Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children is a volunteer movement which surrounds families in crisis with a compassionate and caring community. Our volunteer Host Families are trained, vetted, and offer loving care to parents by providing respite care for children while parents/caregivers regain stability. We aim to facilitate a relationship between the Host Families and the parents, in which the host family becomes a kind of “extended family.” While the parents are working towards goals and stability, our case management team comes alongside both them and the children to ensure they have access to necessary resources. This is a voluntary program, which means the parents maintain all legal rights and can voluntarily end their child’s placement with a host family at any time. Some examples of families we have served include those in a medical crisis (i.e., recovering from a surgery and needing supervision for their children), homelessness and parents needing time to maintain stable housing, or any other overwhelming life circumstance in which a parent(s) need support.