Why Do We Have To Wait?

Why Do We Have To Wait?

Don’t you just love the Bible verses that are full of God’s promises to do this or that?  I do!  Then you stumble upon a verse like this and it stops you in your tracks:

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.”  Psalm 37:7

Hard.  Harder.  Hardest.  Be still.  Wait.  Patiently.  I’m not good at any of those.  But maybe, just maybe there’s something good here for us.  God is inviting us into something fruitful. 

Pausing in His presence.

Trusting His plan.  

Waiting for Him.  Either to move the mountain or move in our hearts.  

Patiently, confidently trusting in the waiting.   What a better way!  – Sandi