HavenHouse St. Louis

Navigating an unknown city’s traffic, streets, and highways can be daunting. Imagine spending most of your time driving on country roads and the streets of small towns. In contrast, St. Louis roads-like all major cities-can be confusing, stressful, and jam-packed with traffic. Patients visiting St. Louis for medical treatment may be overwhelmed simply by navigating to their appointments.

That’s why HavenHouse provides roundtrip shuttle service for patients and their families to and from local medical facilities seven days a week, on up to three routes a day.

Driving the HavenHouse Shuttle means you have the opportunity to change lives. Your help will alleviate our guests’ stress and worry on their medical journey. You can be their navigator in an unfamiliar place. If you’re looking for an interactive experience to meet and chat with wonderful people, this is the best opportunity for HavenHouse volunteers!

Shuttle Volunteers drive HavenHouse vehicles from our location to various medical facilities in and around St. Louis. Our volunteers can choose to drive a single route once a week or take as many routes multiple days a week as they are comfortable.

This opportunity lasts about an hour to an hour and a half per route, depending on the number of stops, traffic, and other conditions.

No special license is required, just a clean driving record and background check!

HavenHouse St. Louis is a hospital guest house that provides affordable accommodations, meals, and other services to patients of all ages, their families, and caregivers who travel to St. Louis for medical care.