JOY FM's Share Your Story Terms & Conditions

JOY FM’s Share Your Story Terms & Conditions

By submitting a story, you (the “Contributor”) agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms ensure mutual understanding regarding the rights and responsibilities related to your submission.

Ownership and Rights: The Contributor retains ownership of the original story submitted. Gateway Creative Broadcasting (99.1 JOY FM) does not claim ownership of the submitted stories. However, by submitting a story, the Contributor grants 99.1 JOY FM the irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free right to record, edit, and use the recording of the story in any format, including but not limited to radio, books, blogs, videos, and other media, for promotional, commercial, and educational purposes without any compensation to the Contributor.

Usage and Distribution: 99.1 JOY FM may use the recordings of the submitted stories at its sole discretion across various platforms. The Contributor acknowledges that there will be no compensation, royalties, or payments for the use of their stories or recordings.

Credit and Attribution: If the Contributor elects to have their name mentioned, 99.1 JOY FM will credit the Contributor in the recording. If the Contributor requests anonymity, 99.1 JOY FM will make reasonable efforts to protect their anonymity, provided such a request is clearly documented at the time of submission. 99.1 JOY FM does not guarantee anonymity or credit unless explicitly requested and documented.

Editing and Modification: 99.1 JOY FM reserves the right to edit and modify the submitted stories to enhance clarity, fit time constraints, or meet production needs. This includes, but is not limited to, the removal of offensive language and copyrighted material.

Submission Requirements: The Contributor agrees that submissions must not contain offensive language or copyrighted material. Submissions must adhere to the length and format requirements specified by 99.1 JOY FM.

Privacy and Personal Information: 99.1 JOY FM will handle the personal information of the Contributor in accordance with its privacy policy, ensuring the protection of such information.

Liability and Indemnification: 99.1 JOY FM shall not be liable for any issues arising from the use of the submitted stories. The Contributor agrees to indemnify and hold 99.1 JOY FM harmless against any legal claims arising from their submission.

Consent and Agreement: By checking the box on the story submission form, the Contributor indicates their agreement to these terms and conditions. To make any changes to their consent or submission, the Contributor must contact 99.1 JOY FM at [email protected].

Withdrawal and Termination: The Contributor may withdraw their submission by contacting 99.1 JOY FM at [email protected]. The submission and/or recording of the story does not guarantee its use on air or other platforms.

Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from the submission or use of the stories shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of [Your Jurisdiction].

General Provisions: These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of [Your Jurisdiction]. If any provision of these terms is found to be unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

By submitting a story, the Contributor acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. For any questions or concerns, please contact 99.1 JOY FM at [email protected].