Minute In The Word

The Underdog

Have you noticed how many times God used the most unlikely people?  He called a stutterer to be His spokesperson.  He used a… Read More

Your Tears Reach Heaven

God hears you when you cry.  Pain can sometimes convince us that we are alone and that God doesn’t care.  Neither are true.“I… Read More

Choose Joy

There are some things that we do “whether we feel like it or not.”  Brush our teeth, comb our hair, drive the speed… Read More

Jesus With Skin

 We are called to be “Jesus with skin.”  A friend used that expression and it stuck with me. Her point was that God… Read More

Hide and Seek with God?

Hide and seek is fun…unless you’re playing it with God.  Sometimes I hide from Him.  And sometimes I feel like He’s hiding from me.  “I… Read More

Numb No More 

I remember hesitantly asking a friend, “Do you ever feel numb about life, work and sometimes even God?” I asked the question because… Read More

Stinking Thinking?

It was quite humbling to be called out by my Christian counselor for allowing lies to grow in my mind to the point… Read More

Yeah, But…I Am Sure

Sometimes, I have a “yeah, but” problem.  I hear that God loves me.  And somewhere deep down in my wounded heart I hear… Read More