Minute In The Word

I’m With Him!

 I am both challenged and convicted by the courage of the first Christ followers.  After Jesus was crucified, can you imagine how much… Read More

He Gives Strength

 There’s a heaviness and weariness that life can bring, and we all experience it. If you are feeling the weight and the weary,… Read More

Your First Love

 I wrote this in the margin of my bible: “Busy with doing ‘good’ but forgetting to love God.”  “I know your…hard work and… Read More

Love Is A Powerful Word

“Love” is a strong word.  So is “must.” It doesn’t leave any wiggle room.   “Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” 1… Read More

God Is Still At Work

God’s best work is not in the past. Are you ever tempted to think that God isn’t really “up to much” these days? … Read More