Minute In The Word

Freedom From Fear

 What are you afraid of? The list may be long, but is there a core belief to your fears?  Rejection? Loneliness? Failure? When… Read More

Why Worship?

The most difficult things we face are probably the biggest opportunities we have to live out our faith.  The diagnosis. The loss. The… Read More

Craving More Peace

I crave more peace in my life.  If you do as well, maybe this verse will be helpful and a tad bit convicting. … Read More

God’s Best

Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best.  I don’t know where I first heard that, but it has stuck with me.  I… Read More

God Is Making You New

Have you ever read scripture and felt like you were on the “outside looking in?”  Like the promise is for everyone else but… Read More

Be Still

 Why is it so difficult to be still? It sounds like it should be easy. But speaking from personal experience, it isn’t. “The Lord… Read More

God Of The Whatever

 Have you ever embarrassed yourself by the way you acted or talked?  I’m asking for a friend!  Of course you have.  It is… Read More