Minute In The Word

Be Still

Why is it so difficult to be still? It sounds like it should be easy. But speaking from personal experience, it isn’t.  “The… Read More

God Can Use You

 Have you noticed how many times God used the most unlikely people?  He called a stutterer to be His spokesperson.  He used a… Read More

God Hears Your Cries

God hears you when you cry.  Pain can sometimes convince us that we are alone, and that God doesn’t care.  Neither are true. Read More

God’s Gift For You

How do you know if you’re in good standing with God? If you’re “good enough” to make it to heaven?  “It is by… Read More

God Delights In You

If you struggle to believe that God’s love extends to you, here is one of my favorite truths from scripture. “He brought me… Read More