God’s Promise For You

God’s Promise For You

 I tend to focus on the wrong “I.” 

“Moses said to God, “Who am I?”

And God said, “I will be with you.”

God had a big plan and He invited Moses into it. Instead of trusting God’s heart and plan, Moses fixated on his own weaknesses and inabilities. 

God loving responded with a reminder that we may need today as well. “I will be with you…I am who I am.” 

I don’t know what you’re facing or what crisis of belief you may be experiencing. But I do know that God is with you. He is. He is present, all powerful, all knowing, full of grace and always victorious. So, you can trust Him. 

You can embrace His will. Trust His heart. Follow His lead…even if you have doubts or insecurities. Shift your gaze from “I” to the “I am.” When you do, you’ll have the faith and perspective to obey. And that is where the blessing is found. – Sandi