God Is In It With You

God Is In It With You

God wants to be in whatever you’re in today. With you. Your tears or your celebration.

“Are you in trouble? Pray. Are you happy? Sing songs of praise.” James 5:13

Isn’t that just like a good friend? They’re the first ones you call when you’re hurting and when you’re rejoicing. You want to share it with them. 

That’s God’s heart too. He wants you to bring your tears to Him so He can share in your pain. And He wants to celebrate with you when you win.  Whatever you’re facing today…whatever you’re feeling today…He is with you. Through the highs and lows, He is your constant. 

So, where are you today? In trouble? Joyful? Somewhere in between? Don’t forget to share it with your Father. Pray. Sing a song of praise. Cry out to Him. He is full of compassion and mercy. – Sandi