A Simple Invitation From Your Father

A Simple Invitation From Your Father

 Are you tired of the chase? The striving? It is exhausting to try to do more, be more and get more. What if there’s a better way? 

“…Whoever humbles himself like a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:4

Jesus’ closest followers asked Him who was the greatest in His kingdom. Perhaps they hoped one of them would get a pat on the back for all their good work. But Jesus called over a little child and honored their humility, their lack of striving or trying to impress anyone. And He invited his followers (and us) into that space.

My heart needs this reminder. I don’t need to chase accolades or approval of anyone. It feeds my pride.

Instead, I want more humility. A childlike faith. A simple, more trusting heart. 

What could God do in and through us if we were more humble before Him and with others? Great things. Because we would look more like our Father. – Sandi