JOY FM Counseling Scholarship Rules

JOY FM Counseling Scholarship Rules

  • Only one (1) person per household may be awarded a JOY FM Counseling Scholarship, per calendar year.

  • If awarded a scholarship, the 8 sessions must be used by the intended person; sessions are non-transferrable.

  • Sessions will cost $100: a JOY FM Counseling Scholarship will cover $75 per session (paid directly from JOY FM to the counseling center), and the scholarship recipient will be responsible for paying the remaining $25 at each session.

  • The structure of the scholarship is based on single person sessions, billed at the rate of $100. If you are seeking marriage counseling, the billed rate may be higher and you would be responsible to cover the difference.

  • Scholarship recipients must complete 8 sessions within 90 days of their initial appointment. After 90 days, their eligibility for subsidized sessions expires.

  • Neither JOY FM nor the counseling centers can guarantee availability of appointments. Appointments will be on a first come, first serve basis and counseling centers will have absolute discretion as to who is eligible to participate under the scholarship program. 

  • Receiving a scholarship does not guarantee that anyone will receive service under the scholarship program.

  • Scholarship recipients must abide by the cancellation policy of their selected counseling center. Failure to show up for an appointment without giving proper cancellation notice will result in the scholarship recipient losing the scholarship and future appointments will not be covered under the Program.