When a 10-year-old calls in for prayer... without mom and dad.

When a 10-year-old calls in for prayer... without mom and dad.

Who do you call when life throws you a curve?

Imagine a 10-year-old feeling so alone and overwhelmed that they reach out to a radio station for prayer… without the comforting presence of mom and dad.

It is the reminder that… Everyone needs hope.

You’re invited to listen to the powerful story.

The Problem with Mainstream Hip-Hop

Picture this: You’re driving in your car listening to Chris Tomlin or for King and Country. Your car filled with uplifting music!

Then just out of curiosity you start scanning the dial and hear mainstream hip hop music. Yeah the beats are kinda catchy… but the lyrics??

Yikes. (to say the least)

Mainstream hip-hop is a powerful genre! It’s resonating with millions across the world. But here’s the problem. The music seems to highlight things like materialism, degrading women, and sometimes even violence…

The messages are honestly just kind of… gross.

But surprisingly it’s not just you and me who feel this way; even some hip-hop artists have reservations about their own music! 

Several artists have admitted in interviews that they don’t let their own children listen to their music! If it’s not appropriate for their family, then how can it be suitable for yours and mine?

But here’s the truth: this genre is the most consumed in the world. The impact is huge. So, if the reach is so big, the question then becomes: can this platform be used for something greater?

Well. We believe God is saying “Yes.”

In fact, that’s why JOY FM launched a Christian Hip Hop station, BOOST Radio.

BOOST is JOY FM’s sister station and is sharing Pop, Hip Hop, and, most importantly, hope with a generation longing for it.

A Glimpse into BOOST Radio

Although it’s the sister station of JOY FM, BOOST plays a completely different kind of music. Songs that may not be in your regular playlist but are music to someone else’s ears—literally.

God is already working through BOOST. It’s not just the catchy beats… it’s the stories that we’re hearing! The lives that are changed.

Just the other day… three people called in for prayer—without even being asked or prompted.

Take, for instance, a ten-year-old girl who called in because her parents are going through a divorce. She was looking for guidance, not from her friends, not from social media or Google, but from a hip-hop radio station.

A hip-hop station centered around God!

Another caller, Crystal, revealed how her husband, deep in drug addiction, found HOPE and a path to recovery through BOOST. He grew up on Tupac and Biggie but found in BOOST Radio a bridge—not a compromise—between his roots and his newfound relationship with Jesus.

Do you see this?!

The same hope that you feel when you listen to JOY FM is flowing through BOOST Radio, reaching ears and hearts that traditional Christian music might never touch.

The Message of Hope

I bet you’ve heard the phrase “right song at the right time.” Many of us have even had that experience! But here’s the thing— the same thing is happening on BOOST for people! And God is showing us that He isn’t confined to a particular genre.

JOY FM has been a safe place for those seeking uplifting and joyful music. Well, BOOST Radio, exists for the same purpose—to serve as a beacon of hope.

Listeners of BOOST Radio and JOY FM may walk different paths, face different struggles, and even have different tastes in music, but they all seek one thing: hope. 

Hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope for healing.

Hope for love. 

Hope that God is real.

And, honestly, couldn’t we all use a little more hope in our lives?

Everyone needs hope. Everyone.

Join the Movement of Hope

Now it’s your turn to join in what God is doing in cities around the country!

BOOST is popping up in cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Portland, the Twin Cities, and it all started here in STL!

Even if hip-hop isn’t your cup of tea, think of someone in your life who might benefit from the empowering messages that BOOST Radio has to offer. 

This is the chance to be a catalyst for change, a messenger of hope, and what better tool than music to provide that?

Power hope-filled music now by clicking and giving!

And when you do we wanna say thanks! We’ll send you a long-sleeved HOPE thank-you shirt! 

Thank you for providing hope to everyone. Because everyone needs hope.

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