The most relaxing Josh Baldwin & David Leonard interview you'll ever watch

The most relaxing Josh Baldwin & David Leonard interview you'll ever watch

Ever had one of those deep, unforgettable chats around a campfire? You’re just staring into the flames, and before you know it, you’re opening up about life, funny memories, and those random thoughts that keep you up at night?

Well, get ready for some of that fireside conversation with none other than JOY FM artists Josh Baldwin and David Leonard. They got into everything from feeling inadequate to what they do to keep pushing forward, and even what JOY FM artist they’d take on the road just for hangs (spoiler: they aren’t allowed to pick each other!).

This is the most relaxing Josh Baldwin and David Leonard interview you’ll ever watch! Grab a cozy blanket, maybe a s’more or two, and come join the circle.

View this video with Josh Baldwin and David Leonard, and other interviews with JOY FM artists videos on the JOY FM YouTube Channel.

Josh Baldwin and David Leonard around the campfire

I recently had the pleasure of doing just that with Josh Baldwin and David Leonard, two artists who are super down-to-earth. If you’ve ever wondered what’s really going on in the minds of these gifted musicians, this is your chance. Josh, David, and I were discussing everything from the joys and challenges of their careers to those candid, vulnerable moments.

Josh Baldwin touched on feeling inadequate sometimes, especially when he’s on stage, knowing that people have paid to be there and see him. They both spoke openly about dealing with those inner voices that say, “Are you good enough to be doing this?” But they both agreed, the key is to keep going and to trust that you’re where you’re supposed to be. David Leonard put it well when he said, “There’s always someone better, but I feel like God has given me something to say.”

The conversation also got into who they’d want to bring on tour just for the company—no performing required! Josh Baldwin picked Mac Powell for the endless stories, and David Leonard went with Ed Cash for the same reason. They even joked that if they could pick each other, they would.

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