The Afters Mentoring and BAPTIZING Katy Nichole

The Afters Mentoring and BAPTIZING Katy Nichole

You may know The Afters because you know their new song “Say Goodbye (Say Hello)”! And you may recognize Katy Nichole because of her breakout song In “Jesus Name (God of Possible),” or maybe her new song with Big Daddy Weave, “God Is In This Story.”

But did you know they are very good friends? And Josh Havens from The Afters and his wife actually mentored Katy Nichole?

In this interview, you’ll hear how Katy began leading worship at their church before she released any music. You’ll hear how TikTok helped launch Katy’s career, and what The Afters think about being the “veterans” in the space of Christian music as they pour into the next generation.

View this video with The Afters, and other interviews with JOY FM artists like Katy Nichole on the JOY FM YouTube Channel.

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