Eduard Löwen Asks for Prayer For His Wife's Brain Cancer

Eduard Löwen Asks for Prayer For His Wife's Brain Cancer

St. Louis City SC midfielder Eduard Löwen recently shared the heartbreaking news that his wife, Ilona, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. During a press conference and a heartfelt call into JOY FM, Löwen expressed gratitude for the successful surgery Ilona underwent and mentioned that she is currently doing well. Despite the challenging circumstances, he emphasized their continuous prayers for complete healing and a miracle from God. Löwen also highlighted the support he has received from teammates, coaches, the St. Louis City front office, and the church community, noting how vital this support has been during such a difficult time.

Eduard asks for prayer for his wife

In his call to JOY FM, Löwen spoke about finding joy and peace in the Lord amidst suffering. He shared that, while Jesus never promised an easy life, these trials are part of being transformed more into His image. Löwen drew parallels to the biblical story of Job, who praised God through immense suffering. This perspective has helped him and his wife to see God’s glory in their struggles. Löwen’s openness about his wife’s health battle and his request for prayers reflect his deep faith and reliance on the Christian community to help them navigate this challenging journey.

Will you, the JOY FM community, join us in praying for Eduard’s wife, Ilona?

Eduard Löwen Call:

As I already mentioned in the press conference that my wife has brain cancer. She had a surgery that thankfully went very well, but now she is in treatment and she’s doing well at the moment, which we are very thankful of. Obviously, we are praying for healing. We are praying for a miracle of God that he would completely heal her and completely kill the cancer.

I mean, in midst of the suffering, we are still rejoicing. We are still joyful in the Lord. We are peaceful in the Lord in the midst of this tough time because we know that Jesus never promised for us an easy life, and sometimes it comes with suffering and persecution. But his goal is to transform us more and more into the image of His son, which we are thankful for. And the Lord has used this time of suffering already in so many ways for some so beautiful things and glorified himself. And that’s also our approach and how we see it.

We don’t only ask out for healing, but we ask him to glorify himself in midst of all of that. And I mean, the best example is Job who had the ultimate suffering and still was rejoicing in God because, yes, he was also thanking God for all the tough times and not only for the blessings. And I think that’s oftentimes what we struggle with because we take the blessings thankfully, but not the hard times.

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Dana Daniels
Dana Daniels
23 days ago

Prayers for your wife and yourself during this trying time. The Lord is with both of you constantly, embracing you. HE will help you through this.

Mary Pat Knight
Mary Pat Knight
16 days ago

Praying for you and your wife Ilona. So sorry to hear this but I’m praying to Our Lady of Lourdes for a complete healing and to her son Jesus

Libby Cheek
Libby Cheek
12 days ago

Praying for the Lord’s healing hand for Ilona and the Lord’s peace that passes understanding to guard your heart and your mind in Jesus name.