CAIN - Yes He Can | Acoustic Session

CAIN - Yes He Can | Acoustic Session

The band CAIN, consisting of Madison, Logan, and Taylor, is here to perform their hit song, “Yes He Can” in a special live acoustic version. You can find the lyrics to this inspiring song below.

View this video with CAIN the band, and other interviews with JOY FM artists videos on the JOY FM YouTube Channel.

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Sometimes I wonder, is he faithful?
Does he see me in my trouble
Does he understand
Sometimes I question if he’s able
Can he rescue, can he save me
Again and again
But when I look back

Did he move every mountain?
Did he part every sea?
Yes He did
So yes He can
Did he defeat the darkness?
Did he deliver me?
Yes he did
So yes he can
Yes he did
So yes he can

Sometimes those voices try to tell me
I’m forgotten, and I’ve fallen
Too far from his hands
But I know what kind of God he is
And I’m trusting in His promises
I’m believing
And I’m singing
Yes he can

Cause I’ve seen too much
Now I can’t deny
He’s come through
Every single time
From the beginning until the end
He did, he will, he can

In other very exciting news, on Mother’s Day 2022, one of the band members, Taylor Cain Matz and her husband, Steven Matz, have officially announced the coming of a new baby girl!

In celebration, on Taylor’s Instagram post, she wrote “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ME!!!!!!!!”

Coincidentally, Taylor is due to bring her first child into the world around the same time that her sister Madison is! And on top of that, Logan and his wife just had a little girl as well! We’re so excited for the CAIN family as these little cousins will get to grow up together!

Happy Mother’s Day to both Taylor, Madison and Logan’s wife Emily!

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