Monthly Mission Spotlight: ThriVe Nation

Monthly Mission Spotlight: ThriVe Nation

ThriVe Nation

ThriVe’s mission to empower life-affirming, faithful and healthy choices around relationships, health and pregnancy have been transforming lives for over 38 years!! ThriVe provides no-cost Faith based Women’s Healthcare, crisis counseling, life skills classes through Parent University, maternity & baby supplies, teen risk & suicide intervention and even a 24/7 helpline. ThriVe can also help YOU support and equip someone you love experiencing a pregnancy in any circumstance! There is no judgment, only the love and grace of Jesus.

National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is coming up on January 22nd – This Day of Compassion highlights and celebrates life and God’s plan for every child. To invite ThriVe to your church then, or any other weekend call 314-780-3040.

Together with JOY FM and believers throughout our city, ThriVe has followed the example of The Good Samaritan and created the most supportive state in the nation for a woman experiencing a challenging situation. Already, ThriVe St. Louis has officially grown to ThriVe Nation by advancing God’s vision for protecting and building families that know and love Jesus. Join The LOVE IN ACTION MOVEMENT as we take this “Missouri Miracle” to all 50 states in the next 5 years!

To learn more, please visit ThriVe© Partners (