Monthly Mission Spotlight: Faith Through Fire

Monthly Mission Spotlight: Faith Through Fire

Faith Through Fire

Faith Through Fire holds space for women to heal emotionally from the trauma of breast cancer.  Our mission is to reduce the fear and anxiety breast cancer patients feel and replace it with hope and a path toward thriving.  It is our goal to equip women with necessary information and emotional support to move past their diagnosis so they and their families can be restored.  

Women come to us feeling shock, fear and isolation. A survivor impacted by Faith Through Fire becomes better not bitter and is: 

  • Self-aware- knows there is room for personal growth
  • Multi-dimensional – understands they are not a disease but a soul whose needs to expand beyond the physical.
  • Motivated- resourceful and ready for help.
  • Determined- to restore their lives and to delight in family and motherhood again to positively impact future generations
  • Resilient- acknowledges breast cancer is difficult but refuses to let it define them
  • Committed- to using their experience to help others 

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