The Lord is my strength and my song

The Lord is my strength and my song

Music has a way of reaching the soul. And I think when a melody and lyric come from the deepest part of you, it also reaches the heart of God.

“Then Moses and the people sang this song to the Lord: ‘The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God and I will praise Him…I will exalt Him.” Exodus 15:1-2

Why did they sing? Because they couldn’t help but worship the One who rescued them from the enemy as they walked through the Red Sea on dry land. They were grateful.

Who did they sing to? The One who strengthens and saves.

What did they sing? The words that flowed from a thankful heart.

Take time to sing today…your grateful words will reach God’s heart. And it will be good for yours as well.- Sandi