Minute In The Word

Walk In Faith

 Could it get any worse?  The answer is, yes. We’ve all had those “bad to worse” kind of days.  But remember, it can’t… Read More


 When I used to read this verse, it would make me uncomfortable.  Nervous. It isn’t a “warm and fuzzy” kind of verse.  Jesus… Read More


If we all lived by this simple thought, we would live in a beautiful world!“..Do to others what you would have them do… Read More

We Need Jesus

Do you know what “plank eye” is? It’s when you can see everyone else’s faults but can’t see your own. We all have blind spots. Read More

No Fear

Fear of the future. Whether it’s a meeting in 30 minutes or dreams for the years to come, I struggle with worrying about the future. Read More

All In

Are you a “jump right in” or an “inch your way in” kind of person when getting into the pool? I am more of a… Read More

We Need Each Other

You can’t do it alone! It doesn’t matter what the “it” is. God made you for relationships. With Him. And with others. It feels “needy”… Read More

Focus on Him

How do you see yourself? We all know that it isn’t good to think too highly of yourself. But we don’t hear much about the… Read More

God Will

Has God ever stepped into your desperation and completely worked it out for good? Can you imagine how fearful His people were when they were… Read More


God does not need my help! I am constantly reminding myself of this! When I can’t see a way out or through….. God has a… Read More

Trust & Surrender

When did your faith become your own? I’ve seen in my life and my kids lives. The wrestle and discovery of making your faith your… Read More

Thank You

I’m so thankful that God was working in my life way before I recognized it or knew Him. Remember the story of Moses found in… Read More