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  • Behind the Music (6/22/2016)

    Switchfoot Live It Well

  • Aaron Shust Interview (2/16/2015)

    God Healing His Son

    No One Greater Than You

    On God Of Brilliant Lights

    Influences With Reggae Matt Redman Song

    On My Hope Is In You

  • Prayer and Care (1/22/2015)

    Kevin H getting right with God

    Kevin H and forgiveness

    Tim Ezell and living for God

    Tim Ezell and the fear battle

    Kevin H and brokenness

    Josh and Daryl talking life change

    Virginia Kerr and life struggles

  • Here are the topics in order from 6am to 10am as they were discussed Thursday morning, 1/17/2013 on JOY FM


    What is holding you back?


    Why am I here?

    I've got something that's too big to handle

    Being forgiven

  • 1/17/2013 - Did you miss a testimony from Thursday morning, or just want to hear them again? Here they are...

    Virginia Kerr


    Tim El

    Mike Matheny

    Meredith Andrews

    Josh Wilson

    Brandon Heath